Hello my name is Marion. After spending most of my adult life in cities, the call back to the land became a reality when an opportunity to buy land near my family in Levin came about.

My parents, one a retired veterinarian, had settled on a small farm near Levin to breed pedigree Hereford cattle and a Grand National steeplechaser. I caught the genetics bug and turned my attention to alpacas. Why Alpacas you might ask? Here are some of the reasons I chose alpacas:

  • As a landowner alpaca are kind on the land, they are lightweight and have soft padded feet (adult alpaca weigh in around 60-80kgs on average).
  • There is no compulsion to send them off to the works once they reach a certain age which eases my conscience and feeds my nurturing instincts. (Alpaca are capable of surviving to 25 years of age).
  • Alpaca are gentle creatures, they are easy to handle, easy on the body and generally good natured (grandchildren love them and they love grandchildren).
  • Alpaca are barrier shy which makes them different from other stock types when it comes to fencing, yarding and shepherding (I am not a fencer!).
  • I believe their fibre is second to none, farmed as a domesticated grass fed animal.
  • Genetic traits for improvement are highly manageable with careful selection.

I bought my first three huacaya females on a whim in 2006, knowing very little. Since then I have become serious and have increased my herd, while focusing on white to light fawn huacaya with good temperaments, confirmation and improved fibre.

I joined the NZ Alpaca Association initially for information gathering, however this association has allowed me to build up a quality network invaluable resources in alpaca business, farming and showing.